One of the primary reasons why people prefer fibreglass pools nowadays is because they prevent the growth of algae and has a life expectancy of around 25 years. They are stronger, more durable and less likely to get damaged. 

Though you can use a newly constructed pool with complete peace of mind, their quality deteriorates with the passage of time and repairing them becomes necessary. If you are willing to reap all the benefits offered by fibreglass pool, make sure you get it fixed by professionals at the right time.

3 Common Problems in Fiberglass Pools Which Require Repair Services

  • Repairing Coloured Fibreglass Pools

Gone are the days when people preferred white and blue gelcoat pools. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for coloured fibreglass pools. Though they are no doubt beautiful, repairing them is a challenge. Finding matching material with similar coloured finishes is quite tough. The best you can do is approach the installer or manufacturer.

  • Spider Cracks In Gelcoat

Identifying spider cracks in Gelcoat is indeed a daunting task as the cracks don’t show easily unless the pool is empty. They are hairline cracks occurring in the surface layer of gelcoat. Spider Cracks are a very common problem for which you have to hire experienced professionals offering fibreglass pool repairs.

  • Bulging Pool Walls

A budge in the wall of your fibreglass pool is an indication that they require repair services. A faulty installation process is considered to be the primary reason behind the issue. Approach the right installer and you can assure that your pool is strong enough to prevent bulges.

Make sure you deal with the issues stated above as soon as possible if you don’t want them to become more complicated. Start looking for professionals offering fibreglass pool repairs before it’s too late.