It happens to be a common belief that a tiled and grouted wetroom signifies that it is sufficiently waterproof. In reality, it’s a somewhat wrong notion. It is just an expensive affair with little usefulness. The actual consequence is that glazed tiles still offer some prevention against water penetration, while grouts are just incapable of restricting any water seepage. Therefore, you must understand the entire process of waterproofing your floor well before you carry on with tiling the floor of your wet room. It is a wise decision to contact a wetroom specialist in Brighton, and they will guide you by offering a clear comparison between the idea of a waterproof and a water-resistant floor.

Let’s define it

Waterproof: Full-proof against any water penetration

Water-resistant: Partially capable of restricting water penetration but not entirely.

Handling the Cons

Over the years, wet rooms and power showers have gained immense popularity because of the enhanced comfort quotient and luxurious feel they render. On the other hand, these have their downsides as well. The continuous stream of pounding water hitting the floor several times a day leads to some amount of moisture being absorbed by the floor. Grouts mostly tend to be porous and thus allow moisture to pass through it quickly to the substrate. Hence, the floor surface being exposed to moisture for an extended period gets prone to massive damage.

It is the adhesive of the grout which is often considered as water-resistant, that is, it isn’t get affected by water seepage. In a real scenario, although it doesn’t cause any harm to the surface but continues to pass through the porous surface, in the long run, it tends to create massive monetary and structural hazard.

How to Make Waterproofing a Full-Proof Option?

There are waterproofing membranes available in the market specifically designed for wet rooms. It is just about dressing the layer across the entire floor and even up the walls. It is instead an easy task to accomplish and once done; it renders excellent value to the space. Contact a wetroom specialist in Brighton to have the best solution.

If the wet room floor is decked in a vinyl finish, then it could be considered appropriately waterproof.

Using waterproof grouts in the wet room is another unique option of tanking or waterproofing the space. It is not as much on the costlier side and at the same time has impressive attributes to cherish. They keep your floor tiles look fresh at all times, as being impervious to water penetration they prevent occurrence of moulds and stains. At the same time, the wet room remains vibrant and waterproof.

Exploring the Pros

Spending less on tanking your wet room might appear as an economical approach. Still, with time it will lead to significant failures necessitating replacement of ceilings, joints, floors and leakage control. You might also face a complete collapse of the floor involving a considerable expenditure to revamp it from the start. Hence, consider tanking as the most feasible option to have amazing benefits in the future. It can even help you lower insurance premiums to a great extent.

It might seem to be a massive task to waterproof the entire space, but finding an efficient wetroom specialist in Brighton will make the whole affair a mere cakewalk.